Cerberus Millenia

by Back Door To Asylum

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Second spawn of Moscow-based brutal tech-death formation is a true monster inspired by the undiscovered and unexplored depths of space and human minds. By developing its sound, full of blistering guitars, inhuman accelerated vocals and intricate drums, Back Door to Asylum has stepped up in field of technical extremity. Empowered by guest vocals of Julien Truchan (Benighted) and Fabio Marin (Internal Suffering) as well as the master of drone guitars Ilya Lipkin (Re-Stoned, Foggy Realm), "Cerberus Millenia" is a true journey of pleasure and horror for every extreme music listener.


released August 12, 2014

All music by Anton Zhikharev,Vlad Melnick & Back Door To Asylum
All lyrics by Eugene Tkachev

Label: Amputated Vein Records
Cover artwork by DaeMorph
Guitars and bass recorded in Moscow/Murmansk
vocals recorded at SFC studios in Moscow
Drums recorded at the Rat Studios in St.Petersburg
Mixed and mastered by TsunTsun Productions



all rights reserved


Back Door To Asylum Moscow, Russia

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Track Name: Auroral Plasmagenesis
Solar manifestations bind me, Blinding and deprived 
Yet recognizing spectacular ubiquitous plasma
Birth of an accelerated universe, visible and terrifying
Core electrons disorganized in a perfect and placid chaos

Phenomenal and overpowering aurora
Again and again declares the ionosphere reincarnation
Gravity is no longer relevant, quasi-hostile and rapidly evolving
Metastable transition into the disintegrational neo-remission

Reaching the forbidden borders of super-stasis of de-excitation
Interplanetary space, frozen between multi-dimensions
Solar wind induces magnetosheath flow, electric current
Ultimate fluxes on monoenergetic peak, enriched and ever-growing

Magnetotail collisionless hypnotizes and imprints severe anxiety
Forevermore will the excitements arise in the glowing eyes
No divergence is constant, I am about to collapse at the sight
Parralel currents in the tunnel of plasma, channeling the inevitable
Track Name: Inception to Genocide
I am a mother giving birth
To a dead child on the fields of Hiroshima
I am a father sending his sons
To face death on an electric chair
I am a doctor prolonging life
For a terminally ill with cancer I am a cancer itself
Feeding on the lives of numerous innocent
Stabbing all the restless and most fragile
I am the bastard injecting gasoline
To veins of  every 17-year old girl
I am not giving excuses
I just let you feel the flow
Fueled with cold fire and dressed in red
Looking for something that is never there
It was not my choice, I am but a machine
Programmed to dissect and disembowel
Those strange eyes keep staring at me
I lay frozen in this bed, the stench of dead
Follows me no longer, I am numb
Ever-anxious mind keeps me deranged
Chemical poisoning, arteries turn to sewers
Libs tremble as inevitable agony progresses
On the path to perfect act of blood I crave the dead
Recycled and sterilized flesh for cemeteries to swallow
Track Name: Unconditional Devoration
This is the birth of an abomination
Perverse aesthetics of deranged acts
Signs of repellent degradation
No, it’s more of abhorrent devoration
Now it’s just the dirty stains on the worn-through surgical coat, yeah!

Surrender to hatred, a deepest stigma
A final negation, energy chasm
I am the presage of upcoming terror
Ill see the melting stars through the veil of blood

Whisper my name with caution
For I am a moment of cleansing sublime
We are tools to turn your pretty breasts
Into the ugly ripped open chest 
I aim for perfection, a crystallized act
Of the holy defilement, a judgment of a blade
Disquietude of the primal instincts
Reached a timeless pulsation

More than bestiality
The adepts of sadistic cult
Sharpen your razor blade.
The innocence is thrown to die on the pile of waste
Pile of the fucking waste

Transition into state of non existence
Not so fast, you must witness my glory
Cut out eyelids wont blink again
Let me wipe the blood off your forehead 

Track Name: Pitch Black Purity
They are at your door, fangs gnashing
Having no life of their own 
They crave for fragile creatures
Mechanical joints clicking and cracking, time is running out

Where has it begun, (in western Texas)
Or deserted street late night (in autumn Berlin)
Stitched together, animated (by alien force not present)
Unspoken rancour flushes (through the thick air)

Of swollen bodies and old liquor smell
I'll dispose of the limbs later, hasten the suffering
Better escape before the consious arrive
I couldn't tell if she smiles or I've just disfigured her mouth
The dress looks so sweet in all the gore around
May I question reality? May I question my own atrocities?

Tonight I've scared myself with reflection in the mirror
That horrendous grin and sunken eyes
Where have I lost myself and found other idol
I'm no better than dead and moving organism

Worm-ornamented silhouettes stand tall in
Dusk colors the skin in the dying flowers
The way the body collapses hypnotizes
Shelters over pitch black corpses scorched
Track Name: Threads of the Wounded
Invisible threads, on a verge of cleavage
Stretched for miles Hands are covered black 
Untie the node into thin air
An escaping ego of peeling soul
Stripped down to soil and dissoluted waste 

I'm but a void
On the bed of guilt
Of broken faith
Faceless reflections

Hold on to pledge of hatred and suffocating tense No more standing aside.
Destructing your twisted image of self
Nourish the leech of fear Breathing is strangled, blood is clotted,
Dense fear is paralyzing Shrouded sight, blinding light
Servile frame fabricated Blinking in the bright lights of horror
Blurry shades of fading figures Thoughts escape in a twitching embodiment 

In the absence of light darkness blooms
Let the dead air leave your lungs, Inhale!
Poisoning the blood by the feeble thoughts
Destabilize the system, shock and awe

Hand crossed, nails broken
Your spinal cord collapsed
Your thoughts rewired
Internalize knowledge of pain inflicted 

Halfblooded and coated in red
In the woods you've wandered
Flowers gave their roots to open wounds
Such a virtue of an aborted life
Serves only the matters of self-diminishment
Times and times again your are forced to intoxicate
Track Name: Cerberus Paradigm
Insidious as they rise from the liquid manure, this world is scorned
Calmed by the ocean torn, in terrifying features they are reborn
Cycles of the purification, cancer of Man, amputated
Excavated in the ancient forms, last chapter of the flawed era

Famine and global depression, the globe gone mental
Like the never-ending swarm of venomous larva

Crawling over all beauty to be reduced to shit
Chaotic paradigm of new rulers of this realm
Millions lay charred and dissolved into the air
Billions more to perish as the catastrophe escalates
Downtrodden under the ground, humanity butchered
Smoke bleaches the sun, evolution restarted, core myiasis

Homo sapiens
Mutating the 
Exausted soil
There is no shelter
In cut-out woods,

There are no ways into
Boiling oceans
Isolate the sky
Constrain the survivors
And send them out to die

silently witness as 
the earth is disinfected 
of human species
Track Name: The Convergence Process
Reborn the universe
A supreme being, make us whole
Death is only the beginning of something more
Human souls will cease to possess their individuality
And all become interwind as a single entity
The attainment of spiritual oneness
The Holy convergence will be the savior of mankind
Ressurection through the unity of flesh
The dawn of a new galactic cleansing will rise
Torn flesh, entrails eradicated
Our veins are interlacing into new kind of life
Transcend the weak foundations of man
Immortal entity risen only to eliminate
A hive-minded creature’s unique reborn
Purging the existence of all species encountered
The mind assimilation will make us whole forever
Human rebirth will make us whole forever