Unconditional Devoration (Promo 2013)

by Back Door To Asylum

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released July 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Back Door To Asylum Moscow, Russia

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Track Name: Inception To Genocide
I am a mother giving birth
To a dead child on the fields of Hiroshima
I am a father sending his sons
To face death on an electric chair
I am a doctor prolonging life
For a terminally ill with cancer
I am a cancer itself
Feeding on the lives of numerous innocent
I am the bastard injecting gasoline
To veins of every 17-year old girl
I am not giving excuses
I just let you feel the flow
Neverending is my perversity
Overflowing from my broken cranium
My pores suck light and give back
The unspoken atrocities
Let the world turn, let the envy burn
Idiocracy breeds ignorance
I don't care, I'm here to rape and murder
Reap the rotten fruit of her beauty.
Fueled with cold fire and dressed in red
Looking for something that is never there
It was not my choice, I am but a machine
Programmed to dissect and disembowel
Those strange eyes keep staring at me
I lay frozen in this bed, the stench of dead
Follows me no longer, I am numb
Ever-anxious mind keeps me deranged
Chemical poisoning, arteries turn to sewers
Libs tremble as inevitable agony progresses
On the path to perfect act of blood I crave the dead
Recycled and sterilized flesh for cemeteries to swallow
Track Name: Unconditional Devoration
This is the birth of an abomination
Perverse aesthetics of deranged acts
Signs of repellent
No it's more
Of abhorrent devoration
Now it's just the dirty stains
On the worn-through surgical coat
To hatred a deepest stigma
A final negation
Energy chasm
I am the presage of upcoming terror
I'll see the melting stars
Through the veil of blood
Whisper my name with caution
For i am
A moment of cleansing sublime
We are the tools
To turn your pretty breasts
Into the ugly ripped open chest
I aim for perfection
A crystallized act
Of the holy defilement, a judgement of a blade
Disquietude of the primal instincts
Reached a timeless pulsation
Unconditonal Devoration
More than bestiality
The adepts of sadistic cult
Sharpen your razor blade
The innocence is thrown to die
On the pile of waste
Pile of waste
Pile of the fucking waste
Transition into state of non existence
Not so fast, you must witness
My glory
Cut out eyelids won't blink again
Let me wipe the blood of your forehead
Unconditional Devoration
No it's more
Of abhorrent devoration
Now it's just the dirty stains
on the worn-through surgical coat